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Not All Real Estate is Created Equal: Why SCTRs


Real Estate SCTRs℠ provide tailored solutions for commercial real estate investment management. There is significant dispersion of market multiples (Share Prices/Fund From Operations) because each property type has its own set of investment characteristics, including individual economic cycles and risk factors, competition threats, and growth potential.

Not All Real Estate is Created Equal: Why SCTRs2018-05-15T15:16:08+00:00

Publicly Traded Real Estate: Optimal Exposure


Correlation and risk-adjusted return metrics demonstrate that listed equity real estate investment trusts provide optimal exposure to the real estate asset class. 1998 to 2015, REITs had the highest average annual net return, relatively low correlations with other asset classes, implying good diversification benefits, and strong risk adjusted returns.

Publicly Traded Real Estate: Optimal Exposure2018-05-14T19:37:31+00:00
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