Pacer ETFs President Sean O’Hara joined Kevin Kelly from Benchmark and Maria Bartiromo on the “Mornings with Maria” panel to discuss the opportunities in retail and data center real estate.  The discussion focuses on how retail real estate (RTL) and data centers (SRVR) will benefit from 16% year over year growth in e-Commerce and the recent Supreme Court ruling on how states can mandate taxation of e-commerce sales.

In particular, one of the best trades in technology right now is in data centers due to the growth in cloud computing. Other technology companies trade at high valuations and have regulatory concerns. Data centers should benefit from the recent tax cuts as companies increase their capital expenditures for IT.

Equinix is a data center company that had a recent investor day where they guided for  8-10% of revenue growth per year through 2022.

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July 19th, 2019|

When you are looking and thinking about data centers, cell phone towers and fiber optic networks, you’re really trying to capture the essence of how digital communications are evolving at an unprecedented rate. [...]