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5G & Cloud Infrastructure: SRVR Index
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SRVR: Benchmark Data &
Infrastructure Real Estate SCTR

Data Centers

Cell Towers

Fiber Cable

Digital Outdoor

SRVR Index is the Premiere Way to Access 5G & Cloud Infrastructure

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SRVR is the sophisticated backbone of data centers, wireless towers, and fiber optic networks that moves the economy’s critical data and analytics. SRVR represents the foundational infrastructure for the intelligence revolution, superseding the Computing and Industrial Revolutions before it. Cloud computing, 5G, and other ‘themes’ are not even close to encompassing what SRVR represents

SRVR Index’s premier position as the way to play 5G & The Cloud is exemplified by 2019 returns of 46.40% and index dividend yield of 2.73% (as of 12/31/19)

SRVR is the Undisputed Way to Position for 5G

INDS: Benchmark Industrial
Real Estate SCTR



Cold Storage


INDS Index is the Undisputed Way to Invest in E-Commerce

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INDS is the best way to capitalize on the growth of e-Commerce, cannabis, and cold storage. The insatiable demand to receive packages in a day or less has led to an era of ‘last mile’ revolution. It’s an arms race for space. Our constituents own and manage best-in-class warehouse/distribution facilities.

INDS Index’s premier position as the way to play the e-Commerce effect is exemplified by 2019 returns and index dividend yield of 3.06% (as of 12/31/19)

SRVR is the Undisputed Way to Position for 5G

Thought Leadership

Benchmark Investment’s thought leadership regularly appears in leading financial TV, print and electronic media outlets, including Reuters, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Fox News, Fox Business News and CNBC.

Fox Business: Retail & Data Center Real Estate Opportunities

Pacer ETFs President Sean O'Hara joined Kevin Kelly from Benchmark and Maria Bartiromo on the "Mornings with Maria" panel to discuss the opportunities in retail and data center real estate. The discussion focuses on how retail real estate (RTL) and data centers (SRVR) will benefit from 16% year over year growth in e-Commerce and the recent Supreme Court ruling on how states can mandate taxation of e-commerce sales.

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